Pros & Cons

Thanks to the improved engine and all-new HEARTECT platform, the Ertiga stands as one of the most fuel-efficient MPVs in the Philippines. Handling and maneuverability are also greatly improved over its previous iteration. To cap it all off, the interior plastics are of quality that only Suzuki can bring, dense and not shoddy. 

As for the cons, they’re not as big, as most of them are minor grievances. The ride could be a tiny bit smoother, but less particular individuals will find that it’s acceptable. Finding a comfortable driving position may be a bit of a challenge due to the lack of a seat height adjuster. Lastly, a minor, yet major, complaint that we have is that it has no speed-sensing door locks, a feature that we believe should be at least present at the top of the line variant. 

What You Will Like
  • Impressive fuel economy.
  • Engine performance and handling have greatly improved from before.
  • Well-executed plastics in the cabin.
What You Won't Like
  • Ride comfort is a tad bouncy.
  • It's hard to find a comfortable driving position.
  • No speed-sensing door locks.

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